Eventually the convicts work their way through the hill that stands between them and Libby's parents' farm. They approach the farm in search of fresh water from the farm well.
one of the young men working with the convicts, Jeff Barker (Wayne Morris), is an engineer, who is fresh out of the army. Mr. Saul invites Barker to the farm for dinner one night, and Mrs. Saul (Fay Bainter) wants the engineer to befriend her daughter, hoping that he would take an interest in her and ultimately want to marry her.
Burnett is handcuffed and Libby breaks down in tears over the man's unfortunate fate.
The foreman (Jack Mower) of the road workers taunts Burnett to the point when he explodes and punches his boss.
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Mr. Saul decides to give them the water for free instead.

Deep Valley

Mr Saul (Henry Hull), Libby's father, offers to sell water to them, but they turn the offer down.

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